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Art is life in all its circumstances. It is an affirmation of our hardships, emotions, and our perceptions. Art is a form of communication, which allows people from different cultures and time to connect through images and colors.

As an artist, art frees my mind from the influence of reality and enables me to flow within its inner states and experience new emotions. That is the reason I love abstract forms and elements because they don’t limit us to visual realities but instead offer shapes, colors, forms and marks, which help us to experience its effects.
My goal of Abstract still life painting is to grab my audiences’ attention and help them to see what I feel. That is why, I decided to bring a feast of colors into my works to evoke a certain mood and to create a strikingly soul lifting response in the viewer.

To enrich the experience of the viewer, I am not only expressing my joyful emotions, but also interjecting parts of my culture through my selection of colors.

A painting is not just a result of some brush strokes to create a certain form and composition, but a momentum of creative expression that causes a moment of allowing something to manifest. When the intuition is encountered the creative process manifests new forms, which originate from the subconscious. It influences the direction of the work. The Metropolitan Vibrancy series is the result of complete letting go and my inner connection to the authentic self. 

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