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Artist Statement

As a Persian woman coming from Iran and living in the United States for many years, I have witnessed in both places the obstacles that women face both socially and intellectually due to cultural belief systems, social customs and prejudices.  The situations that are depicted in my paintings have been created by the misinterpretation and the misuse of religious and political power and cultural ideology.

As I began with memories of my own past and some of my present personal struggles, my emotions were manifesting on the canvas. This was an important opportunity to relive the pain and struggles experienced by growing up in Iran and having a unique challenge coming to the U.S as a young woman and becoming a mother of an autistic child. Studying art, the circumstances of my life which caused resentments and pain, and also my personal spiritual guidance, have all helped me to let go and forgive the past and live in the present moment.

My goal is to influence people of the world to consider more deeply the effects of continued prejudice, between religions and sexes, and the subjugation of others, so that a change in peoples’ consciousness can occur. My vision is to show the injustices of the past so the viewers might choose to change their attitudes, so that there is a chance for better future in the world at large.


My paintings represent the universal landscape of  women's inner self. This evokes images of both physical pain and the scene of hidden reality in their lives today.

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